Monday, October 3, 2011

Meet our October Featured Member: Brenda Dean!

It is my pleasure to introduce to you our October Featured Member:

If you are a member of The Crafter's Cafe
you have probably heard from Brenda at least once!
She is the warm, friendly "Welcome Committee"
and sends Birthday wishes to everyone, every day!

To us, she is so much more than that!
She is a talented cardmaker and Stampin' Up demo
who is always willing to offer a kind word!
She is a generous sponsor for all of our events at TCC.
And she is part of our FAMILY!
We asked Brenda to give us a little more information about herself
and here is what she shared:

Doug, my husband and best friend of more than 27 years, and I live in Upstate New York (Fairport, a suburb of Rochester to be specific) with our two felines, Chevy and Callie Ann.   While winters can be long here, we grew up here and learned a few years ago that there's no place like home.
When I'm not spending time with the love of my life, I'm a Stampin' Up! Demonstrator and a part-time Executive Assistant at a financial investment firm.  I also enjoy reading, knitting, hiking and spending time with good friends.
When we asked Brenda a few extra questions, 
she shared some interested insight into who she is
and I think you'll enjoy reading her answers:

How did you get started paper crafting?

Someone described cardmaking as a "hug with a fold in the middle" and I agree.  There's something special about making and giving someone a card that you've created and designed.  It's like a little piece of your love has gone into each card you make.  

This is what I felt the first time I received a handmade card from a friend who knew I was going through a rough time.  We had just moved to a new house in a new town in a new state.  We didn't have any lifelong friends close by.   We were tired from the move and homesick.  One of our lifelong friends was visiting her sister nearby (about 45 minutes away!) and the two of them came to dinner one night bringing cards.   That was the night that I was introduced to Stampin' Up!  I was given a catalog and spent hours and hours with it.   I was hooked.  That was over 8 years ago.

What ONE crafting item can you not live without? 
Without a doubt, it's my Stamp-a-ma-jig.  I use it so much that I have 3 plastic sheets for it so that I don't have to get up from my craft table to wash it after every use.  I love to use it to preview various layouts of sentiments.

What is your favorite type of paper crafting? (cards, scrapbooks, altered art, etc.)   I love to make cards. Cards are quick and offer me an immediate sense of accomplishment.  I like to scrapbook too but I may play with a layout and colors for days. 

Why did you join The Crafter's Cafe? 
For friendship and inspiration.  The Crafter's Cafe is a great community of caring women.  

Is there anything else you would like us to know about you? 
Many people are surprised to learn that I'm a retired computer geek and have two Master of Science degrees.

Can you show us a few of your favorite projects?

I don't know about you,
but after looking at these amazing projects,
I'm feeling inspired!

Brenda just has that affect on everyone whose path crosses hers!


Annette said...

Beautiful cards...

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous cards Brenda!!

Kristina said...

I already knew I liked you, now reading your page here I guess I like you more? If that's possible.
Yes, it is interesting to learn that you have 2 Master of Science degrees. That is quite an accomplishment! Dont know what you mean by retired computer geek? Once a comp geek always a comp geek. LOL.
When you gave this response "I love to make cards. Cards are quick and offer me an immediate sense of accomplishment. I like to scrapbook too but I may play with a layout and colors for days." I so agree w/ that but never understood why I like to make cards over scrap-booking. It's BC it takes me days and days to finish one SB page.
When you said your friend told you that a hand-made card is like "a hug with a fold in the middle" That was brilliant!!
Peace, & Hugs,