Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Meet Heather Dennis! Our Featured Member!

It's time for our Featured Member for November!
Allow me to introduce you to Heather Dennis!

The clever, talented, generous, kind artist and owner of
Fresh Brewed Designs!

Heather hosts the Fresh Brewed Designs Group 
at The Crafter's Cafe and it is one of our most popular Groups,
with over 1000 comments on the Wall!

We asked Heather to answer a few questions for us about herself and we think you'll enjoy learning more about her:

Please write a short bio about yourself:
A short bio eh? I am terrible at these, and terrible at keeping things short,  lol!!! OK, well, Hi! *waves* I am Heather. I am a Christian (Pentecostal Holiness) and have been in church all of my life. I do what I can to put God first in everything I do. He has lead me and brought me through so many things; even things I never knew were there until after they were over. He has a plan and a path for each of us if we just listen and follow him.  Growing up, we never had much material wise, but I have always considered myself one of the most blessed people in the world. My mom and dad have taught me so much. They have taught me the importance of love, patience, faith, trust, empathy and so much more. By their example and trusting God with my life, I met the most wonderful man in the world, my husband of 13 1/2 years, Tommy. He and I have been blessed with two talented and amazing children. One little girl, Hannah, and a little man, Tommy Ray. Both of our kids have food allergies / severe allergies;  all of these things lead me to the decision to homeschool. Again, God works in mysterious ways because I may have never thought of taking this step otherwise. I have been homeschooling for 5 years now. Wow how time files! After my second year of homeschooling, I almost went crazy *big grin entered here*. No, I am nowhere near perfect. I do not have this amazing level of patience. I know that God has A LOT of work to do in me.

Well, during this time of me losing it, he introduced me to paper crafting. I have always loved art and this was my chance to get the release I needed. It was perfect for me because it was almost like instant gratification. I could start and complete a project in one day and that was something I could be proud of and look forward to. I also became VERY addicted to coffee during this time. I think it is the only thing that kept me alive :) heheeh! It took me just a few years on some groups at a place called Cafe Mom for me to step out into blog world. Heather's Coffee Break was founded on 6.10.08  (HA!) After I started blogging, boy, I just hit the ground running. I have met the most AMAZING friends, sisters that God placed in other families and waited for just the right moment to send them my way, and loads of talented designers. A few years later and after talking with my best friend in the world, I decided to venture out into creating my own images.  I started designing digis in 2009  using  a free site at Shop Handmade. I opened  an online shop *my own website, I was so excited*  just last year as well as started selling my first line of rubber stamps.  I am now the  proud owner and artist of my own digital and rubber stamp shop, Fresh Brewed DesignsWe sell over 300 different digis as well as just over 30 different rubber stamps. We have a Challenge Blog as well as a facebook fan page and love to meet up here at our Crafter's Cafe group to chat and share. That is what  I love best about our group. We can just be ourselves, share, laugh, sometimes cry and just be there for each other. That is what is most important to me. I could not have done any of this without the support and love of my friends, family, and loyal customers who are never just customers long :). So Thank you! 
Thank you for featuring me and my shop at The Crafter's Cafe this month. It is an honor and privileged to be here sharing with you all.
Thank you for featuring me and my shop at The Crafter's Cafe this month. It is an honor and privileged to be here sharing with you all.

How did you get started paper crafting?
I do not remember? I think it was a friend on Cafe Mom who introduced me to paper crafting. We became penpals and I would make little things here and there. Then I started joining groups and challenges and the rest is history. I think I made my first card in 2006.
What ONE crafting item could you not live without?
Really, are you kidding me? Hmmm... one crafting item I cant live without? Why one?!?! OK, I will go with my markers. I use Prismacolor markers because I have not been able to afford copics as of yet, but still love my prismas. I chose that as my one because I color on almost every card whether it be covered in embellies or a clean and simple card. Have to have my markers. 
What is your favorite type of paper crafting? (cards, scrapbooks, altered art, etc.)
Cards, of course! 

Why did you join The Crafter's Cafe?
I was invited by a friend :) and am so happy I was. What an amazing group of fabulous people we have here! 
Is there anything else you would like us to know about you?
um.. Well, I gave you my full life story, so there is not much else to tell :) HA!!! Odd facts about me: My favorite color is purple ... although I never wear or create with the color. I just like to  look at it. :D I hate seafood and eggs but loved them as a child. I am scared of heights but, again, would climb trees and jump off of our roof as a child, lol. I love Krispy Kreme Hot Donuts!!! (I can eat a whole dozen myself!). I love LOVE love to paint things (NOT ROOMS). There is something about being covered in paint that just makes me happy. I find that I sometimes brush my teeth and shower with my eyes closed? Not sure what that is about. Sensory issues? ;) lol. OK, so you get I am weird. Is that enough for now :D hehehe!
Can you show us a few of your favorite projects?
Choose one or two you want to show. I just could not choose... 

OK, Heather isn't very good at the "short" bio part,
but part of her charm is that is ALWAYS willing to share
and she ALWAYS goes above and beyond
no matter what she sets her heart and mind to do!

Make sure you stop over to the Fresh Brewed Designs Group
and say "hi"... perhaps show her a little of the love
she so freely shares with us!


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