Friday, April 29, 2011

"Friday's Here... It's Party Time"

Good Afternoon Everyone! It has been one exciting and long week for me! I am so happy that we are coming up on the weekend! I must say... Have you seen the television coverage of The Royal Wedding? It is absolutely wonderful! I have not seen the actual ceremony, yet... but all the before hand details and all I can say is "WOW"! (I think we all should be a Princess one day! Don't ya think?)

Okay, back to what I came to remind all of you about... (hee-hee, got a bit sidetracked!)


HEATHER, OWNER OF FRESHLY BREWED DESIGNS is throwing a "BEACH PARTY"! She is tired of the icky weather everyone has been having and is ready for Summer! I bet you are wondering what she has up her sleeve... Well I can give some details; but only a few! LOL! She will be having LIVE chatter, while holding challenges... yep we will be creating while chatting! Thank goodness she has decided to leave the challenges open for 24 hours and this morning she gave us all a surprise... she posted 2 of the challenges early so we could have extra time to work on them! Yay! So you will need to have your creations posted by Saturday, April 30th at 12pm EST! Isn't she just the sweetest? Okay now for a few more details... She is also going to be sharing some sneak peaks at her "NEW SUMMER LINE OF RUBBER and SOME DIGI IMAGES"! But that is NOT all... She is going to have some PRIZES TOO! I told ya, It is a party! You must bring your own ink and beverage of your choice!! Heather will, of course have coffee; but what if you wanted something with a bit more kick? Well it is up to you! LOL! I hope to see you there, I am definitely NOT going to miss this awesome PARTY!!

The other things that I wanted to remind you of are...

We have a NEW GROUP here at The Latte Lounge... IN A SCRAP CREATION! Amanda, the wonderful owner had taken up residence with us! How cool is that? Well... make sure you join her group to see what is NEW and HAPPENIN'! She will be so happy to have you!

Also, JLJ DESIGNS has a special surprise coming May 1st! Be sure to drop into her group to see what it is! I am sure you will LOVE it! I did, when I heard about it... but, I can't tell or it will NOT be surprise! (Hee-Hee)

One more big announcement...

The Latte Lounge Challenges are taking a NEW TWIST for the month of May! I can't give to many of those details, as... I have been sworn to secrecy! So you will just have to wait and see what is happening there also! LOL!

Hmmm... I feel like I am missing something???

Oh Yeah... I almost forgot... Our Kids Challenge will be posted Saturday, May 7, 2011 and will be... ah sucks, sorry everyone I can't tell that secret either! Darn... It is really hard for me to keep all these things to myself when I am so excited about them! LOL!

Well since I can't give anymore details... I will close this post!
I hope everyone has a wonderfully creative weekend!
Happy Creating!

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Hestia's Helper said...

WOW!! Well-done, Sara!
{{rousing round of applause and the crowd goes wild!}}

This is an AWESOME post about all the TLL happenin's!
I think I'm going to just copy and paste, cuz it's perfect! (-: